Eating habits and culinary culture vary from one region of Estonia to the next. The top 50 places to eat in the country range from those that offer traditional local specialities to internationally recognised gourmet restaurants.

How is the top 50 compiled?

The best of the best are selected by leading figures from the world of food – representatives of the restaurants themselves. Each representative nominates their 7 favourite places to eat, with a representative from each of the places making their top 7 invited to take part in the final vote. These votes are then counted, producing an overall top 50 of restaurants, cafés pubs and other eateries.

What is Estonian food like?

Thanks to its location and the fact that it’s so small, there’s no need to restrict yourself to traditional cuisine in Estonia – the local food culture scene is diverse and unique. The way Estonians prepare their food has been influenced for centuries by the culinary arts of Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. This interweaving of influences is something you won’t find in any other part of the world.

Despite the fact that Estonia has no Michelin star restaurants (yet), you’ll find any number of internationally renowned places to eat here, and Estonian chefs have successfully promoted the country’s culinary culture in competition as part of the Bocuse d’Or. Compared to some of the leading restaurants in Europe, Estonia’s best are well up there – while prices remain comparatively far more affordable.

Hopefully the top 50 of places to eat in Estonia will prove a reliable guide on your voyage of discovery through the country’s culinary culture!