For the first time in Estonia – Black Nights Film Festival on board Estonian Air planes

25. November 2010

On Saturday 4 December 2010, movie fans will have an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy festival screenings aboard Estonian Air planes.

Starting at 8 pm, four Estonian Air Boeings will be “parked” at Tallinn Airport, becoming cinemas just for this one night in December.

Three different movies will be shown aboard the Estonian Air aircraft: British-French drama The Illusionist, French-Spanish thriller Kong 211 and a masterwork from a German director, Die Fremde.

Depending on demand, the same movie will be screened simultaneously in two aircraft.

 Going to the cinema will be like usual boarding – it is essential to come to the airport early enough to go through check-in and security check. Then, with boarding card in hand, movie fans can take their seats and get set to enjoy the show.

It is important to come to the airport with a passport or ID card – as no one will be allowed on the aircraft without an identity document. Also, all kind of sharp items or liquids are not allowed to be taken with.

Depending on the type of aircraft, the “cinemas” will have 118-142 seats with three large LCD screens.

 The Saturday evening event will offer a great chance to do something unusual– enjoy the cinema and in-flight atmosphere without taking off.

“The aircraft cinema held as part of the festival is a good opening event for Estonian Air anniversary year celebrations. The carrier is happy to support high-flying and outstanding ideas offering interesting and memorable experiences,” said Gunnar Mägi, Estonian Air’s Development Director.

 The 14th annual Black Nights Film Festival brings Estonian audiences world cinema in all its colourful splendour, offering spiritual sustenance for many tastes and all ages. The festival is organised by the Black Nights Film Festival Foundation.

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