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German soldiers' cemetery in Viljandi

The cemetery was established during the Second World War. First German soldiers killed in battles were buried there already in the summer of 1941. In the autumn of 1944 the Soviet occupation army destroyed all gravestones. In 1991-1993 the German War Graves Commission restored the cemetery. It is now a resting place for about 700 soldiers who perished in battles and died in hospitals. A couple of dozens of them are Estonians.

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  • prl13 prl13
    nothing much

    it is average. just beautiful to watch from a disdance, but nothing else. its just a cemetery, nothing special about that

  • Milesandmore2013 Milesandmore2013
    "Отлично" относится к ухоженности

    Эх, вот бы могилы наших воинов, погибших во Второй мировой войне так обихаживали! Могилы наших солдат-освободителей на нашей земле приходят в запустение и исчезают навсегда, а здесь могилы убитых...

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