Estonia has several courses all set in beautiful untouched nature. The courses are usually open from May until November and you can rent golfing equipment on the spot. For those looking for a few tips beforehand, there are instructors available for assistance. The largest golf courses in Estonia are located in Niitvälja, Jõelähtme, Suuresta, Otepää, Pärnu and on Saaremaa island. Estonian golf courses tend to be flat and require precise playing strategies, yet golfing in Estonia is entertaining for all players, regardless of their age, fitness or skill level. While golfing is accessible to all, Estonia's golf clubs follow some clothing guidelines, excluding blue jeans, heeled shoes and sweatsuits.

Have fun golfing in the midst of Estonia's beautiful nature: let the hours pass while golfing through the 18 courses, making new acquaintances...and you might even encounter the local wildlife taking interest in the game.

If you're a beginner looking to establish your golfing skills, head to the nearest club and pass a short introduction to golfing. The more experienced players in possession of Green Card can rent the equipment on the spot and head out without having to pass the prior training.