Guided kickbike ride in Taevaskoda on the paths of 'Viimne reliikvia'

The ride takes place on the picturesque landscape of the protected area of the Ahja River valley. The route is kaleidoscopic with moderate downhill and uphill slopes, the rapids of the Ahja River, sandstone outcrops, caves, historical bridges and interesting cultural background. Your tour guide will introduce the surrounding area and nature as well as relate legends and stories about Taevaskoda.

Group size: 4–60 adults

Price: €20 per adult, €12 per child

Price includes equipment and the services of a tour guide

Price with catering: €24 per adult and €16 per child

Duration: 1.5–2.5 hours; length: 3–6 km

Our fantastic kickbike trips can take place anywhere in Estonia!

Trips can take place at any time when the roads and paths are not covered in snow.

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