Source: Elen Juurma

Guided tour of the Pärnu County in the direction of Riga

Come and join an excursion of the Pärnu County led by a certified guide!

Pärnu County has beautiful coastal villages, churches (e.g. Tahkuranna church), museums (e.g. Häädemeeste Museum), workshops and natural heritage sites (e.g. Tolkuse bog).

In order to look around the county, you should take at least 3 to 5 hours. Hourly rates of tour guides start from 30 euros; the price does not include transportation.

Tours begin and end next to the Pärnu Visitor Centre or as arranged with your guide. Your tour guide can put together a route according to your wishes (a group of pupils, people interested in nature, etc.). Guided tours are available for just one person, as well as larger groups (as arranged with your tour guide).

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