Haapsalu Sundial

There is sundial designed by artist Roman Haavamäe on the Haapsalu seaside Promenade. The face of the dial depicts the life of man – starting with a child and ending with an old man supported by a cane. On the Promenade also admire the decorative dolomite stairways and decorative columns by the same artist, as well as the ornamented stairs on both sides of the Assembly Hall. Interesting fact: The sundial shows the local sun time, which is about 90 slower than daylight savings time. Go and check to see if your watch is correct.


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  • vivian l vivian l

    You pass the sundial when walking along the Promenaad

    The clock is surrounded by beautiful Spirea or Filipendula (I do not recognize the species, it has beautiful yellow leaves and was not yet blooming). Close to the seating areas and sea.

  • Kamui_sempai Kamui_sempai

    Curiosidades de Haapsalu

    Hermoso reloj solar en el paseo marítimo de Haapsalu rodeado de un bello jardín. Lástima que fuí en invierno y no brillaba mucho sol.

  • RomaGroma RomaGroma

    "старинные часы, еще идут"

    скажу честно, время по ним узнать довольно сложно, но в нынешний век это уже не важно. у всех есть время на телефоне.

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Promenaadi tn, Haapsalu

Getting there

All the winding streets in Haapsalu Old Town lead to the sea and the Promenade. Walking on the Promenade on the embankment, you cannot miss the Sundial.


  • On foot only
  • Signposted


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