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Harilaid islet has a truly unique elongated trapeze shape that is defined by waved boundaries that line the islet from its South-East to North-West points. A low plain, its highest elevation does not exceed 5 m, and the entire area of the peninsula is a mere 3.62 km².

With a lighthouse on Harilaid's northeasterly Kiipsaare cape, and an opposite southeasterly point named Kelba; Harilaid may be small in size, but it is vast in its diversity. The peninsula's flora represent 261 species of flowering plants and vascular cryptogams.

Did you know...?: Harilaid rose from the sea as an island 1,000-2,000 years ago.

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  • Ireleh Ireleh
    Very cool plave to visit!

    From the parking lot to the destination and back we had to walk 9 km in total. The beautiful road to the old lighthouse are things you need to experience!

  • mikeedeedee mikeedeedee
    Unique lighthouse and some great bird-watching

    We visited Harilaid on a cold March day and so we had it to ourselves. We suspect, however, due to its location and the need to have your own transport, that it is never overly crowded. Once we'd...

  • ladonovi ladonovi
    Extraordinary nature and excellent beaches

    I got inspired by the Tripadvisor Top 25 Beaches list and decided to add review of one of my top 25 list beaches :-) I'v had the pleasure to visit Harilaid regularly past 20 years or so. It's...

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