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Harimägi is one of the largest mesas of the Otepää Highlands (211.3 m above sea level). You can climb a 24 m viewing platform here to enjoy the views that reach Otepää hills and a cross the Väike Emajõgi River to the Karula Highlands. Those who are not brave enough to climb to the top can stay on lower levels.
Interesting facts: The hill has also been called Leenard and Leonhard Hill. Internationally renowned astronomer and geodesist Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struwe (1793-1864) surveyed the area in 1816-1819.

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  • DoctorDee69 DoctorDee69
    Just a tower, but worth a visit

    Harimagi is a 24m tall wooden lookout tower, located on the top of "one of the highest mountains in the Otepaa region". But don't get your hopes up! In this flat country, that doesn't amount to a...

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