Helmersen Rock Field

The Helmersen Rock Field is the namesake of the Russian geologist Gregor Helmersen, who was the first to describe and characterize the Heilu rocks in 1871 and 1879. His name is also connected to rocks elsewhere in Estonia.

With over 80 rocks on the 0.5-hectare-sized plot, carried to their location by glacial ice, geologist Gregor Helmersen described the Helmersen Rock Field as the best group of boulders originating from Finland that he had seen in the Baltic countries.

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  • strollingplayer strollingplayer
    Quietly fascinating

    We stopped by here on a whim after failing to find the Kardla Crater, which meant that at the time I was a bit sulky and piqued. That meant we nearly drove past them - although their signposted as...

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