Hike to Toonoja swamp islands

Toonoja is an ancient island in the largest swamp in Estonia that was first inhabited 4000 years ago. A smoke sauna that is still in good condition is the only building that remains from the eight farms that used to be there.

Reaching Toonoja has always been difficult; the last inhabitant moved his things on a bicycle in 1987. We're setting out from Karukose and crossing the bog to Toonoja on bogshoes; in the winter, we are going to use skis. When we arrive, we are going to prepare a meal, heat the sauna, tell stories about the old times and look at animal tracks. We are going to stay the night in tents or in the smoke sauna. On the next day, we are going to visit old farm sites and return to Karukose along an old winter road. The total length of the hike is 17 km.

The hike takes place if the group consists of at least 2 people.

Features and amenities
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