Hobuveski, dating from 1379, was originally used for milling flour when the city was under siege or when watermills could not be used due to lack of water. The mill mechanism was operated by eight horses that turned it inside the building.

This extremely unique construction displays historical works of stone art.

Artistic stones that once belonged to the local houses found their way to the mill as a result of the houses being destroyed in the bombings of March 1944.

The two floors exhibit weighhouse bas-reliefs, lintel stones, small stone terraces, window columns, etc.

Today, the mill is also a venue for theatrical performances, other events, presentations and medieval evenings for up to 140 people.

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  • mjc404 mjc404
    Curious old building

    We came to this curious old, circular building and wondered about its history. Apparently, it was used as mill to grind corn during times of siege but nowadays it houses a museum of stonework and is...

  • Tejas P Tejas P
    the sauna and hot tub

    was a very cute place. a reindeer outside.. th other nearby experiences husky ride were thrilling to say the least. santa claus house was nearby. the authentic lapland meal wa delicious.. also the...

  • candy579 candy579

    旧市街の北の入り口、スール・ランナ門から入り、右側に歩いていくと 見えてきます。 高さはありませんが、横幅が広い建物で、タリンの旧市街に特徴的な トンガリ屋根を持つ建物です。 かつては粉ひき小屋として使用されていました。

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