Estonian Tourism Quality Programme (People Committed to Quality) - Estonian Tourism Quality Programme is a business recognition scheme which aims to increase the competitiveness of Estonia as a tourist destination by raising the quality of tourism related products and services. Businesses that are committed to continuous improvement of customer service are recognised with the label of “People Committed to Quality”. This label demonstrates the staff's professionalism.

Estonian Hotel and Motel Classification System

According to Estonian starring system, hotels can be rated from 1 to 5 stars and motels from 1 to 3 stars. Getting starred is voluntary and only the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association has the liberty to give official ratings.

Cornflower Quality Rank (Rukkilill) - From 2006, home accommodations, guesthouses, holiday homes, holiday villages and holiday campsites that are registered in the National Economic Register can apply for a rural accommodation quality rank. The Cornflower Quality Rank states the establishment is registered as a legitimate rural accommodation provider and thus obliged to follow certain standards – but it is no direct indication of the services they provide.

Estonia – The Natural Way (EHE, Estonian Eco Tourism label) is a national product label for natural-cultural experiences that are based on the eco-tourism best practices and principles.

Green Key is an international eco-label for environmentally conscious businesses and thus demonstrates the service/product to be nature friendly and ecological. The Green Key is a programme of Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE).

In addition to Estonia, you may see the Green Key label used in Denmark, Sweden, Greenland, France and Lithuania, mostly in hotels/accommodation facilities.

First and foremost, a company must formulate its environmental policy and set environmental objectives. It must then draft an action plan for their implementation and follow through by means of environmentally conscious management. Applying for the Green Key is voluntary for all companies and the label is valid for one year.