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A Holiday Home is an accommodation establishment for holiday-makers. It is a good option for independent travellers who like to be fully in charge: you decide on times to come and go, prepare your own meals and change rooms as you wish.

According to the Estonian law, each holiday home needs to be rented out fully (not shared) and has to have cooking facilities.

Quality and service may vary greatly – from luxury apartments in the Tallinn Old Town to basic small cottages in the wilderness.

Note: Food shops in Estonian cities are generally open until 9pm but in smaller towns and villages they close at 7pm.

Example Prices for Holiday Homes in Estonia

  • Luxurious 3 bedroom apartment in Tallinn Old Town 100 EUR – 300 EUR a night
  • 1 bedroom cottages in South Estonia from 20 EUR per night
  • 1 bedroom apartments in smaller towns from 10 EUR per night