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A guesthouse is an accommodation establishment of at least 5 rooms which offers dining services.

Estonia has hotels in various price ranges from very inexpensive accommodation in small hotels and guesthouses to luxury suites. Most hotels are of a high standard with all modern conveniences including a bath and/or shower, WC, telephone, internet connection and even Skype phones. Restaurants in hotels serve meals until late at night and are open to the public as well as guests. Most Estonian hotels offer a continental breakfast in their price. Many hotels boast a range of facilities such as swimming pool, spa, sauna and gym.

Hotels are classified according to the standard criteria of the Estonian hotel classification using a system that ranges from one to five stars.

In Estonia applying for the stars is voluntary. So just because a hotel has no stars it does not necessarily mean it’s a poor choice – it could still be a great place to stay.

Estonian guesthouses offer good value accommodation in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Costing less than hotels, their furnishings are more basic and it’s worth checking if breakfast is included in he price.