Enjoy the annual national Rapla Church Music Festival during summer.

Visit Linna Pea Rock event (Main Rock of the Town) – it’s a charity music event and is the longest established in the county.

Each year, on the second Saturday of May, Rapla county (m)elu mess (Life/Noise Fair) takes place in the centre of Rapla town. This traditional spring fair seems to grow bigger each year, introducing local handicraft and every day services from health care to security. Annual and fun “spring cleaning” is also a traditional part of the festival.

Another major event taking place in May is the Motokrants Day with its popular motorbike parade.

Visit Modern Art Centre of Raplamaa in the Rapla’s town centre to see exhibitions and shows by innovative local artists.

The Blacksmiths of Puraviku Tuuleveski (Porcini Windmill) forge will welcome those interested in this traditional skill – who knows, maybe you’ll discover your special talent here!

There are 121 different manor houses located near Rapla town – some have been restored, some are still in ruins.

  • If you have some time, be sure to visit Alu Manor and its park. This is one of the most unique neo-gothic manor houses in Estonia. At the moment, Alu Manor houses the training centre for the Estonian Defence League, but its beautifully renovated halls and rooms are often used for hosting parties and receptions.
  • Hõreda manor house, which was one of the most beautiful and harmonious classicistic manors in Estonia, has suffered greatly in the hands of wars and the weather: you can visit the main house ruins and some of the side buildings to get a feel of the manor’s glamorous past.
  • The baroque Ingliste “knights” manor house has survived through the centuries and although the main building and the side buildings have been restored and changed over time, it still provides a beautiful insight into history.

Nature around Rapla

Take a walk down the Rapla river promenade amid beautiful surroundings and safe tracks for walking and cycling which make it a perfect location for picnics in the park.

There are plenty of cycling tracks available, so rent a bicycle: it is by far the best means of getting around in this beautiful area!

Pae karst area has distinct landscapes: local underground rivers have shaped the surface of the ground into a unique pattern of eroded land and small tributaries.


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