The Baltics in brief


Area45 227 km²64 589 km²65 300 km²
Population1.34 million2.1 million2,99 million
LanguageEstonian (Finno-ugric)Latvian (Balto-slavic)Lithuanian (Balto-slavic)
CurrencyEuro - €Euro - €Euro - €

All of the Baltic States are members of the European Union and NATO and also parties of the Schengen agreement.

The Capitals

The nordic-medieval Tallinn near the Baltic Sea that has excellent connections with Helsinki, Stockholm and St Petersburg and is also one of the world's smartest cities, the glamorous Riga nourished by the wide Daugava River with its elegant Art Nouveau boulevards and almost Mediterranean-like Vilnius rich in baroque and churches.

The Culture

All three Baltic states have had strong influences from foreign occupations and yet have a face of their own. You can definitely sense how different the countries really are  - from the catholic Lithuania to the world's least religious country - Estonia.


Excellent destination for business meetings

For business travellers it is always important to have high quality facilities and first class service, the Baltics offer all that and also the excitment of a new destination. Compact cities with modern facilities and medieval history are an excellent choice for conference tourism. The incentive programs can surprise you as well: from the soviet prison experience in Tallinn to the opera backstage in Riga.


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