Contrasts between the old and new are best visible in the skylines of Tallinn: Hanseatic red rooftops and church towers of the medieval Old Town side by side with the modern glass and steel skyscrapers. Take a walk in Kadriorg park and have your coffee in Pirita yacht harbour to admire the best view over the bay, as beautiful in the red morning sun as it is at night time with all the lights on.

One of the best examples of modern architecture lies in the Rotermann quarter right outside the Old Town. Former factory and production area has been renovated and now hosts a number of boutique shops, hotels, cafés, galleries and an open air market famous for their community events such as themed fairs, car exhibitions, concerts and art happenings.

Modern times have also touched the Tallinn Old Town itself – there are hundreds of restaurants, wine bars and cafés in beautiful medieval surroundings with all the modern comforts. Free wireless internet and secure e-payment systems have become a standard in Tallinn, making it a favoured location for international seminars and conferences. Excellent technical capabilities and modern infrastructure combined with true gourmet, rich culture life and reasonable prices are the reason more and more large events take place in Tallinn. Where else in the world could you organize a seminar in a 700 year old church or enjoy a view from modern, Northern style hotel window overlooking a medieval town?

Another difference from most other European capitals is the opening hours. Supermarkets and larger shops are open 7 days a week. Quiet and beautiful Old Town becomes the vivid centre of night life after dark, jolly pubs and trendy clubs open well until the morning has broken.

Modern art scene, Hanseatic architecture, quality restaurants, five star hotels, beautiful parks and historic sights are all just a short distance away in Tallinn, allowing you to experience it all even in a short period of time. You can easily get around by foot or on a bicycle. For longer distances, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the public transportation: tickets are available in kiosks and from the driver. Taxies are also relatively cheap, especially if phoning a taxi company in advance.

Enjoy the comforts and luxury of modern Tallinn and combine it with cultural holidays, family vacation or business events. Here is everything you would expect from a modern European capital, within an easy reach and for a friendlier price.