Standouts in Estonia’s landscape:

  • diverse forests which cover over 50% of the country
  • primeval and mysterious bogs and mires
  • over 1,500 islands and islets, of which fewer than 20 are populated – the rest is the kingdom of birds
  • nearly 3800 km of coastline indented with coves and bays, where sand, stones, reeds, mud flats and cliffs alternate – it is attractive for visitors and also important for migratory and nesting birds
  • more than 1,500 natural lakes, both big and small
  • northern Estonia’s limestone cliffs and klint; characteristic hillocks in southern Estonia shaped by the Continental Ice
  • rivers in south-eastern Estonia are lined by scenic sandstone outcrops
  • semi-natural communities which developed as a result of hundreds of years of grazing and mowing and which have set world records for biodiversity
  • scenic meandering rivers with small rapids and waterfalls in northern Estonia. When they freeze in winter, ice formations and caves are created, delighting visitors.

Estonians have always lived hand in hand with nature. Estonia’s territory is small but there is plenty of room for wildlife. Colorful seasons give each view a different appearance. Estonia has plenty to marvel at.