Kabli is all a quiet seaside village should be, even in July and August, with houses far apart and green the predominant colour. In fact the only noise you will come across here is in May or October when the migrating birds pass overhead to or from Africa.

Neither birds and nor humans stop here for long, but both enjoy a break on the deserted beaches, by a secret alcove or in the woods and shrubbery.

The Kabli bird-ringing centre here does to birds what CCTV does to humans. It keeps good track of them. About 12,000 are ringed every autumn.

You will see geese and grouse here in their thousands, and passerines too. With luck, there might be an owl or two as well.

Climb the watchtower to see Kabli and the coast as the birds do.

You can also visit the Jakob Markson Museum; he was a successful sea-captain over 100 years ago.