It is steeped in maritime history and known in Estonia as the "Captains Village".

Käsmu was also used by, and home to, many smugglers of salt and fish in the past century.

Between 1884-1931 it was home to the Estonian School of Navigation (or Nautical School), which is now replaced by the welcoming and interesting Käsmu Sea Museum.

Käsmu will not only appeal to lovers of maritime history but also to those people who enjoy deserted sandy beaches, where swans swim off the coast in boulder-strewn waters and the forest edges right up to the shore.

Every July there is a popular folk music festival in the village.

It’s an ideal location for families walking, horse riding, fishing, canoeing, sailing and swimming.

You can have a wonderful day out enjoy nature and local history and Käsmu makes an excellent shorter stopping point on a coastal tour.