Matsalu National Park includes Matsalu Bay and the delta area of the Kasari River together with surrounding flooded meadows, coastal meadows, reed beds and forests. Matsalu Bay is shallow, brackish and rich in nutrients. Väinameri Sea, bordering the Matsalu Bay, includes more than 40 islands which are also part of the park. The bay is 18 km long, 6 km wide but only 1.5 metres deep.

Matsalu National Park is one of the largest and most important autumn stopping grounds for migratory birds in Europe and a total paradise for anyone interested in birding. 275 bird species have been recorded in Matsalu, of which 175 are nesting and 33 transmigrating waterfowl. Thousands of geese and dipper ducks can be seen in the floodplains, the coastal meadows are crowded with Branta species and the bay area is alive with swans, coots and diving ducks.

Also 49 species of fish and 47 species of mammals are registered in the area of the nature reserve, along with 772 species of vascular plants.

You can explore the unique landscape of Matsalu National Park on foot, by bicycle and by boat, to Matsalu Bay. Several birdwatching towers have been installed; the most popular ones are at Haeska, Keemu and Kloostri.

Listen to the sounds of Matsalu National Park: