The settlement in Toila Parish was first mentioned in the pages of the Danish Land Book in 1241.

The Oru park and castle were established in 1897-1901. In 1934 three Estonian industrial works bought the Oru castle from Jelissejev and gave it to the first president of Estonia, Konstantin Päts, who made it his summer residence.

Nowadays Toila is a popular place for weekend breaks and holidays, especially with Estonians from Ida-Virumaa County. The main attractions are splendid nature, hiking trails, the sea, the port, Oru Park and palace, the singing area, a recreation centre and restaurants.

Toila Oru Park and its palace have become popular for walking and enjoying the many outdoor events that take place there.

Nearby attractions include Jõhvi town, Saka viewing tower and camping track, Ontika precipice and Varivara’s (Vaivara) hiking trail. The air rich with ozone contributed to Toila`s title as an ozone resort.

Legend. The Toila port goes along the river named Pühajõgi or Holy River. There is the following story told about how the river received its name: if a girl had no success with boys, all she needed to do was to come to the river and to bathe herself in its waters under a full moon, and then she would turn into a beauty.