Aegna is a small island, measuring just 3 km², which makes it the perfect destination for a day-trip. It has three marked hiking trails, the longest of which measures 6.5 km. Hiking around the island gives you the chance to appreciate its beautiful coastal landscapes, while the sandy shore on the northern side of the island is ideal for beach-lovers. Close to the beach you’ll also find a magical stone labyrinth.

Old military installations can be found all over the island, the earliest of which date back to 1914. Around 20 of them are today protected as architectural monuments.

80% of the island is covered in forest and has been placed under nature conservation. What makes the landscape of Aegna so special is the large number of Ice Age boulders you find here. The largest are true giants, measuring up to 14 metres in circumference, while the tallest stands at almost 4 metres.

Getting to Aegna

The season during which you can visit Aegna is relatively short – a regular passenger service is provided on the Juku from May to October from Kalasadam or the Fish Harbour in Tallinn.

One of the most exciting ways of exploring Aegna is with your own kayak or canoe. There are quite a few tour operators in Tallinn who offer one-day kayaking or canoeing trips.

Recommendations for visitors to Aegna

For the sake of the environment, please only camp and set fires in marked areas.
There is a place to stock up on fresh water right by the harbour, but you should make sure you bring your own food with you.