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Horse trips to the land of fairies - on a sleigh, a carriage or on horseback

This horseback ride through the natural and ancient cultural heritage sites of Muhu includes visits to sacred sites, as well as introductions to the related traditions and histories of the sites.

Those partaking in this excursion also get the opportunity to listen to stories of ancient fairies and old Estonian rites, and get a chance knock on the area's wish stone or offer a gift to the fairies.

Horses are assigned to riders based on their level of riding experience. Also taken into consideration is compatibility - the horse best suited to you, as well as the level of difficulty and duration of the trip.

Groups of up to 11 are able to go on horseback, or five may go by carriage. Trips vary based on length of time, with trips of 4-5 hour including a picnic.

1-hour trip €18 on horseback, €12 per person in a carriage
2-hour trip €36 on horseback, €24 per person in a carriage
3-hour trip €54 on horseback, €36 per person in a carriage (includes journey to 430 million year old coral reefs)

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