Horseback trips at Kalaoja Farm

Kalaoja Farm offers trips to nature for you and your friends on well-broken horses.

Come and ride in the wilderness, get adventurous on forest trails, travel across fields − feel the freedom of being out in the open and forget about your daily worries!

We organize daily two-hour rides around Kalaoja Farm. You do not need prior riding experience. A group should consist of 2 to 8 people.

The best time for a trip in the wilderness is in the spring and autumn!

Come and join us on a hike!

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Kalaoja, Hingu küla, Kernu vald, Harju maakond

Getting there

By car: 1. From Tallinn - take the road to Pärnu. 2. When the road splits into two, turn right towards Haapsalu. 3. Ääsmäe-Haapsalu-Rohuküla road - drive for 12.2 km. 4. After the speed camera, turn right (there are two roads next to each other; pick the second road that is covered in asphalt). 5. Drive across the Hingu River bridge and turn right after you've crossed. 6. Drive for another 600 m and you have reached the territory of Kalaoja Farm (there should be a stable on your left and a horse pasture on your right). 7. Please park by the road. Public transport: take the train from Tallinn to Riisipere (Jaanika train station) or bus No. 256 on route Tallinn-Riisipere-Nissi-Turba (Jaanika bus stop).


  • Signposted
  • By public transport
  • By car
  • By excursion bus

Stops nearby

Bus: Jaanika
Train: Jaanika


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