Hot European Sauna Marathon in Hot Winter Capital Otepää

27. January 2011

European Sauna Marathon will take place on 13th February 2011. The race will start at 12.00-14.00 p.m. in Pühajärve Spa & Holiday Resort (Otepää, Pühajärve). Marathon will finish at the same place at 16.00-18.00 p.

Teams may have up to 4 members. Each team will get an orienteering map showing the locations of the saunas and the competition guide.

All team members must be in a sauna for at least 3 minutes. When entering a sauna, every team must give their sauna chart to the owner of the sauna. The sauna owner confirms that the team members completed the sauna by marking their sauna chart. The winner will be the team
which completed the highest number of saunas in the shortest time.

The award ceremony will take place in Pühajärve Spa & Holiday Resort Pub on 13th February at 18.30.

Sauna Marathon will take place within the framework of the European Capital of Culture 2011 "Hot Sauna in Hot Winter Capital Otepää"


Additional information:

Sirje Ginter

765 5212;  5303 3036