hotel Mardi

Hotel Mardi is a reasonably priced and fully renovated hotel in downtown Kuressaare for people who appreciate friendly service and affordable price.
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  • Delightful town and pleasant hotel.

    The hotel is set a few streets away from the central square. Took about four to five minutes to walk to the centre, through quiet residential area. Very safe and not at all scary. The room was neat...

  • No smoking at the school territory

    Last year (2014) we got good service from the hotel and from their the reception which was even speaking finnish langueage. We were satisfied. ----> This year (2015) there was woman in the...

  • Clean and basic accommodation

    The accommodation is clean and basic. It is located next to the student hostels so can be noisy at times. There is a cheap restaurant in the hotel for lunch time meals and also breakfast is served...

Features and amenities
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