Hotel Viru and KGB Museum

There once was a hotel that came to be named the Viru.
The year was 1972, and there were still two decades or so until the fall of Communism and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Any hotel that was appropriate for foreign visitors also had to be appropriate for the KGB...
This museum tells the story of more than just one hotel and the KGB: it is a treasure trove of stories of two different worlds - one which existed mostly on paper, of happy Soviet citizens living in friendship and never wanting for anything, led by a wise, all-powerful group of men in a place where there were never any accidents or catastrophes; and the other real world, which was a very different and a much tougher place to live in.
Please book in advance to visit the museum.

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  • HertsDaveP HertsDaveP
    Very interesting and fun tour

    There's not a huge amount to see on the tour but the guide was excellent with lots of interesting and funny stories about the hotel, KGB, Soviet times and hotel guests and that is what this tour is...

  • tiina189282 tiina189282
    Great tour

    Our guide,Jana, told lots of funny stories about of hotel Viru and KGB, also a nice view from windows. It take just 1- 2 hours, not so long time, but you must make reservation for excursion early.

  • Kristina T Kristina T
    Worth the visit

    I didn't know what to expect but the tour was very interesting and our guide was funny. We learned amazing facts of the Viru hotel and KGB. Very well worth the visit!

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