III Draakon - Medieval Tavern

III Draakon, situated in the old court room of Tallinn's Town Hall, serves its visitors a hearty elk broth, six types of hearty pastries, grilled game sausages and the cheapest wine and beer on the town hall square!

If you are famished, you can order a more substantial meal (a large rack of ribs) from the tavern keeper. If you are lucky, you can get half a kilo of ribs for only €10.

All other food and drinks cost between 1 and 3 euros.


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  • QuentinDama78 QuentinDama78

    Top !!

    Warm welcome, nice place recommended by friends, ambiance in the dark with only candles, very good soups for 2 euros and hot wine ! It really worth it !

  • Annemarie S Annemarie S

    A what!!??

    Surprised our students with a bread filled with Elk meat. Most of them loved it untill they discovered what they have been eaten. Still, they ate with good taste and wonder. The place was perfect...

  • Andrea-Massimo V Andrea-Massimo V

    Medioevo furbacchione - Cunning Middle-Ager

    Locale simpatico dall'aria (e la semioscurità) decisamente medievaleggiante. Self-service totale in piatti e scodelle di ceramica che catapultano in una rievocazione storica non sempre riuscitissima...

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