III Draakon - Medieval Tavern

III Draakon, situated in the old court room of Tallinn's Town Hall, serves its visitors a hearty elk broth, six types of hearty pastries, grilled game sausages and the cheapest wine and beer on the town hall square!

If you are famished, you can order a more substantial meal (a large rack of ribs) from the tavern keeper. If you are lucky, you can get half a kilo of ribs for only €10.

All other food and drinks cost between 1 and 3 euros.

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  • $review.user.username $review.user.username
    Nice small place to stop for a soup or small 'old style snack'

    Enjoyed some hot red winter wine. Also a small sortiment of traditional snacks, moose soup, sausages etc. VERY good and delightful service with multiple languages

  • SietzeBe SietzeBe
    Medieval themed restaurant

    Elk soup, different stuffed pies, game meat, a barrel filled with pickles. You feel like you're in the 15th century and the food tastes just like that. Pure with no nonsense. Inside it's a bit dark...

  • Da-ndy1989 Da-ndy1989
    Do not miss for a medieval experience.

    This medieval tavern found under the dragons of the large old town hall in the main square is not to be missed. It's a unique experience which will transport you back in time. Lit only by candles...

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