III Draakon - Medieval Tavern

III Draakon, situated in the old court room of Tallinn's Town Hall, serves its visitors a hearty elk broth, six types of hearty pastries, grilled game sausages and the cheapest wine and beer on the town hall square!

If you are famished, you can order a more substantial meal (a large rack of ribs) from the tavern keeper. If you are lucky, you can get half a kilo of ribs for only €10.

All other food and drinks cost between 1 and 3 euros.

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  • Georgia P Georgia P
    Would go if on a budget!

    The interior is beautiful and the food is in small portions but a very affordable price! The staff are quirky and fun though one decided to shout at the establishment due to someone "playing with...

  • Mike_Peleah Mike_Peleah
    Authentic Medieval Pub

    In the very heart of Tallinn, same building as Town Hall you could visit Authentic Medieval Pub, get some soup, very tasty pastry and home beer. Must visit!

  • bigjules1 bigjules1
    Medieval Majick

    Our visit to Draakon came with no disappointment. Pints of gloriously cold beer served by a buxom, brazen maiden. Dried Elk jerky and pickles self fished from a 20 gallon barrel, Ox sausages for...

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