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Johan Spa hotel

Hotell and SPA are inspired by Saaremaa's nature. Like nature offers unimaginable experiences so does every-day problems seem distant when resting with us.
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  • Good for a short stay

    Rooms were rather small and noisy. Quite a big disappointment was that you have to pay extra 15€ for baby cot per night. We also had dinner at hotel restaurant which was awful, at least the chicken...

  • It's okay if you are traveling with a backpack and need only a place to sleep

    This place has very tiny rooms and small twin beds. We are traveling for 2 months so we had large bags and there were no shelves, no hooks, no flat surfaces to put much of anything. We also were...

  • Quiet place to enjoy each other

    We went there on september, when the summer season was over which ment that the hotel wasnt so crowded. We enjoyed it very much! Hotel itself is very modern and has all the comforts that you would...

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