Source: Eneli Kaasik

Juula Guesthouse

Juula Guesthouse is located in Tabivere Rural Municipality, amidst the beautiful drumlins. Saadjärve, Vudila Playland, Ice Age Centre and Elistvere Animal Park are in its vicinity.

The building has a large fireplace room, a sauna, a kitchenette, bedrooms, and a children's play corner on the top floor.

The building can be used all year around since it is heated by a fireplace/furnace, creating an especially cosy atmosphere in the winter.

The visitors are also welcome to use the nicely maintained and designed lawn, barbecue equipment and children's playground.

In addition to staying overnight, the guesthouse can be used for themed events, birthday parties, gatherings, seminars and workshops.

Features and amenities
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