Kadriorg's Historic Water Canals to Be Reopened for Tallinn Day

15. May 2013

Reconstruction of water canals that were once a key feature of Tallinn's Kadriorg Park has been completed. They will be ceremonially opened today at 18:00 by Mayor Edgar Savisaar as part of the Tallinn Day celebrations.

The city has reconstructed 1.3 km of the canals, which were first built in 1718 and filled in at the end of the 1930s, the city said on its website on Monday.

“The canals are important for the park, as they act as physical borderlines. Everything that is inside the ring canal is the valuable part, founded in the 18th century. Areas near the Kadriorg Park pond, outside the ring, are from the 20th century and romanticist period. What lies between the canals and the sea is the nature park, originating from the 19th century,” Ain Järve, director of Kadriorg Park, told ERR radio.

“With that we achieve a very essential compositional entity - when a person walks in Kadriorg, then that person can physically comprehend the forming [of the park] over three centuries,” Järve said.

Tallinn Day - May 15

Besides the canal opening, a host of other Tallinn Day events are taking place today.

An exhibition of Chinese sculpture, “Dialogue with the Emperor Qin,” will be opened at 15:00 at the Tallinn Art Hall on Freedom Square.

From 16:00, youth bands will perform on Freedom Square, followed by a concert by the band Põhja-Tallinn, named Best Band at the Estonian Music Awards in February.

The folk group JÄÄÄÄR will put on a show in Kadriorg Park at 19:00.

Official information about Tallinn Day is regrettably available only in Estonian, but can be found here.

Source: Estonian Public Broadcasting