Kärdla Meteor Crater

It happened about 455 million years ago that a meteor with a diameter of about half a kilometre started moving towards the earth with the speed 30-40 km/s. The meteor went through a 100-meters thick layer of water in less that 0.1 seconds and a 140-meters thick layer of sedimentary rock and exploded with a force equal to 25,000 explosions of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The diameter of the crater is 4 km and it is one of the most remarkable ones in the world. The ring wall of the crater can be seen well from Paluküla and Tubala. In Paluküla there is a crater viewing tower. Near the viewing tower you can find a small limestone quarry which reveals the layer of limestone with its cracks.

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  • vopest vopest
    Have to tell it's hard to find by Tripadvisor

    To not follow the Tripadvisor map. I made that mistake and ended up on some farm. If you drive on the road towards Kärdla, then ignore the left turn where Tripadvisor points. Take the next right turn...

  • strollingplayer strollingplayer
    Couldn't find it.

    Well now. I'd love to have seen the Kardla Crater, it's really my kind of thing. We checked it out online, took a note of the map position and set out along the road from Kardla towards the airport...

  • Светлана П Светлана П
    Прекрасное новое место которое все так ждали!

    Наконец то появился ресторан в котором эстонская современная кухня обещает радовать и удивлять посетителей коуглый год

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