Kayak trip to Pedassaar

Well-suited for those who have already tried kayaking!

The kayak trip begins in Kaberneeme harbour (the principles of safe canoeing are explained in the harbour) and we start out towards Pedassaar (91 ha) located to the east. In a few minutes, we will find ourselves between two islands; Umblu islet is to the right and Rohusi island or the "birds island" to the left.

Total duration: about 6 hours + a sauna session in Kaberneeme

The package includes: basic training in kayaking, equipment and a life vest, a meal on the island, the services of a kayaking instructor, 1 hour of sauna on the beach of Kaberneeme.

More information: AktiivnePuhkus - kayak trip to Pedassaar

Features and amenities
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