Kehrwieder Chocolaterie

Kehrwieder Chocolaterie is without doubt the sweetest cafe in the Old Town! Freshly roasted coffee, handmade chocolates, candlelight, a relaxing atmosphere... it has it all!

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  • ArizonaJT ArizonaJT
    Great Outdoor Dining on the Town Square

    We had a great light lunch at the outdoor seating on the Town Square. Great view. Great Location. Wonderful Service.

  • paul1009 paul1009
    Very good

    I am a chocoholic. I buy chocolate everywhere we travel. It must be dark chocolate, the darker the better. I went into this shop and was happy to see the candy maker behind the glass window working...

  • Suslem Suslem
    My first ever coffee tasting session

    It's not only interesting and insightful. It's tasty too! You will be offered to taste 6 different coffee varietes (thus French kiss became my favourite) along with some history narrative followed...

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