Kiiu Manor

Kiiu (Kida) Manor has been closely connected with Kolga Manor and the Stenbocks.  According to the Danish Census Book (Liber Census Daniae) in the 13th century Kiiu Village was of average size, i.e. 30 ploughlands. The manor was first mentioned here in 1418 and according to the last records the manor had approx. 5,500 dessiatines of land where approx. 1,000 people lived. The building is an example of the mixed style of Art-Nouveau and Baroque. Its exterior design is characterised by an alternate use of Neo-Baroque and Classicist elements.
There is a classical ring road leading to the staircase of the main building. Behind the manor house there is a little free-design park. Today there is Kuusalu rural municipality government located in the manor.

Features and amenities
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