Kiudoski Restaurant

Kiudoski restaurant in the Räpina Hotel is a great place for family events and business meetings. It offers delicious, healthy meals and excellent wines in a cosy and memorable 1930s atmosphere.

The menu relies primarily on local produce and flavours based on local cooking traditions. The restaurant's signature dish is made from fresh fish straight out of nearby Lake Peipus – fresh perch.

You are welcome at any time!

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  • Erx_100 Erx_100
    1.5 hours and no main course!

    The starters took about 30 min and looked/tasted like a kindergarten diner food. The mains did not arrive even after 1.5h hours after which we paid for the starters and left. It was supposed to be...

  • Rod K Rod K
    I expected more.

    My wife and I ate here as a treat to ourselves, as quite few locals said it was out of their price range. Naturally, we were expecting something a little bit special, but it didn't deliver. We were...

  • Елена С Елена С
    Приемлемое место

    В кухне ресторана ничего особо не поразило. Обслуживание тоже было не очень качественным. Были проблемы с тем, чтобы найти заведение. В целом, всё было приемлемо, но запрошенных денег не стоило...

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