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Kiviõli Motocross Festival

Mobile phone: (+372) 533 17322
Website: http://www.motokross.ee/?p=&sp=&lang=eng External link
E-mail: info@tuhamagi.ee
Method of payment: Cash only

On 1-2 August, the year’s biggest motocross event — Kiviõli Motocross Festival — will be taking place at the Kiviõli ash hill motocross complex, in which motocross drivers from 15 countries will be participating. It is a diverse family event, during which sidecar motocross motorcycle Grand Prix, quadracer European Championships, extreme hillclimbing competition, and late-night supercross for solo bikes will be held. In the big party tent, popular bands keep the mood pumped up on the first day.

SATURDAY,  1 August

10.00-14.00 Practice Quads and Sidecars
15.00-16.30 Qualifying races for Sidecars
16.30-17.00 Qualifying race for Quads
17.15-17.45 Last Chance Qualifying for Sidecars
18.00-18.30 Qualifying for MX Open Nightcross
18.30-21.00 Hillclimb European CUP
21.30-22.00 Awarding of Hillclimb winners
22.15-24.00 MX OPEN Nightcross Finals and fireworks
24.00-01.00 ZIGGY WILD LIVE LIVE in party tent
01.00-02.00 GENKA / PAUL OJA LIVE in party tent

SUNDAY, 2 August

9.00-10.30 Warm-up Quads and Sidecars
11.00-12.00 Big opening ceremony and autograph session
12.30-13.00 First GP Final heat for Quads
13.30-14.00 First GP Final round for sidecars
15.00-15.30 Second GP Final heat for Quads
16.00-16.30 Second GP Final heat for Sidecars
17.00 Awarding of winners

This is a prospective schedule, subject to change.

Sidecar GP brings the world’s elite sidecar drivers to Estonia. Besides sidecar GP, it is possible to see quadracer EC, in which Estonians are also competing for spots on the podium. This time, the Hillclimbing competition – well-known in Kiviõli for many years – is an Estonian Championship GP in which the competitors try to conquer the hill on a trail with terrible obstacles. The late-night MX supercross, the qualifications for which will be held on a long and fast circuit in a day time, has become very popular over the years. By the time of the finals it will be pitch-dark outside and the winners will have to be sorted out under spotlights. By way of a treat between the late-night MX supercross races, the adrenaline of the audience will be kept pumping by young quadracers ages 7-9 years.

Times and prices

Kiviõli Motocross Festival

  • Kiviõli, Kiviõli Seikluskeskus
  • 05.08 - 07.08.2016, 10:00 - 18:00

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