Source: Autor Ivar Leidus (Üleslaadija oma töö) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], Wikimedia Commonsi kaudu

Koitjärve bog

Põhja-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve is home to the pools and small lakes that make up the extensive Koitjärve bog (17.5 km2). At the centre of the bog lies Lake Kivijärv and its island, which can be accessed via a 2.3 km long path starting from behind Liigmäe farm on the Piibe road. Lake Koitjärv, that the bog was named after, is to the east of the bog, not far from the Kulli road.

Soodla reservoir, which is ideal for picnics, fishing and swimming, is next to the bog.

Did you know...?

- During the wet season, it is best to come via Kulli or from St Petersburg highway via Järvi.
- By the Soodla bridge you will see a picturesque meadow and trees brought down by beavers for their dams.

Features and amenities
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