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Kõljala manor

Address: Kõljala küla, Pihtla vald, Saare maakond | Show on map
Website: http://www.pihtlavv.ee External link

There are previous written memos about Kõljala manor dating from 1509. The earliest parts of the building preserved till nowadays in cellar of the main house however date from 17th century. Even though the master house of those days was one-storied limestone building it is known that the rooms were illuminated by ten brass chandeliers, in front of the windows were gold-braid curtains and on the walls twelve big Flemish carpets. New bigger construction period took place in the manor in 18th century.
Interesting to know: In the manor there is 400 volume library consisting mainly of classics works from 17-18th centuries.

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  • Recreation area/picnic ground


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