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Kõpu lighthouse

The history of the oldest lighthouse not only in Estonia, but anywhere in the Baltic States and indeed on the Baltic Sea, stretches back 500 years, when landmarks were needed to guide ships in the Hanseatic League. The most important east-west trade route in Northern Europe passed the island of Hiiumaa and merchants complained of ships being lost on the Baltic Sea.  This led to the construction of the lighthouse at Kõpu, to warn ships of the low waters off the island.

The lighthouse was built at 67 metres above sea level at the highest point on Hiiumaa. It stands 36 metres above the ground, meaning its light shines out at 102.6 metres above sea level. No other lighthouses on the Baltic Sea are as high

Did you know...?
*Kõpu is the third oldest continuously operating lighthouse in the world.
*An iron staircase was built on the outside of the lighthouse in the 1660s.
*Construction of a stairwell inside the lighthouse began in 1810.

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  • Uldis V Uldis V
    Rural tourism in their best

    Of course lighthouse is magnificent. Majestic, white, massive and very very old. It is easy to find it even if you travel on car. Of course it is more easy to notice it from mast of Your tallship...

  • SakuKim SakuKim
    A must when in Hiiumaa

    This is a very historical lighthouse in Estonia. If you visit Hiiumaa (Dagö in Swedish) you should visit here with your family, friends, etc. There is a small caffee close by and also nice visit is...

  • Zane J Zane J
    One of places you must see on island

    One of most wonderful lighthouses on island. And at the same time this lighthouse has oldest history in Estonia and Baltic states - more than 500 years! There are nice cafe nearby and small...

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