Kõrvemaa Landscape Reserve

This lovely area, known as 'Estonian Switzerland', is located only 50 km from Tallinn. The old folk say that the Devil wrinkled up the ground in Kõrvemaa.

The landscape is characterized by 'mountains', swamps, swamp lakes and forests. The 'mountains' are actually steep eskers formed by melting permafrost. The largest bogs in Northern Kõrvemaa are Koitjärve, Kõnnu Suursoo and Võhma; in Southern Kõrvemaa it is Kakerdaja. There are about hundred lakes and bog ponds.

Come for a hike, ride a bicycle, ski, have a workout or a simple walk. The camping areas and campfire sites are perfect for nature photographers, bird and animal watchers and berry and mushroom pickers.

Features and amenities


Jaama tänav 7, Aegviidu alev, Aegviidu vald, Harju maakond

Getting there

Kõrvemaa Landscape Protection Area stretches from Tallinn-St. Petersburg highway to Tallinn-Tartu highway.


  • Signposted
  • By excursion bus
  • By car


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