Kumu Showcases 'Art Cars' Exhibit

15. April 2013

"BMW Art Cars," an exhibit where automobiles serve as a canvas for well-known artists, attracted big crowds to the Kumu Art Museum when it opened over the weekend.

Launched in 1975, the traveling collection owned by BMW includes 17 cars, four of which are in Estonia, and features works by world-famous artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Coons, A. R. Penck and David Hockney, ERR radio reported.

The Kumu exhibit includes the most recent, 2010 car by Jeff Coons.

"Such big names in art have not been present in Estonia before, so with these cars, it is the truly the first time that these kinds of great artist have been represented in Estonia. These cars travel around the world. They have even been in the Louvre, Guggenheim and Bilbao, so Kumu is overjoyed to have these cars here,“ said organizer Merilin Mets.

The Goethe Institute in Estonia helped bring the exhibit to Kumu as part of its German Spring festival.

The Kumu exhibit will open through July 28.

Source: Estonian Public Broadcasting