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Lake Kavadi, park and Häälimägi

Lake Kavadi got its present size and looks around 1880, when Baron Constantin Fr. von Maydell, who had bought the Uue-Saluse Manor, dammed up three small bog lakes. The lake covers 27.4 ha and is situated 210.4 metres above sea level; its maximum depth is 8.2 metres. Lake Kavadi is said to be the lake with the most dissected coastline in Estonia and it is definitely one of the most beautiful Estonian lakes with its four islands. About 400 metres southwest from the lake, there is Häälimägi (height 274.3 metres) that offers splendid views. There is also a hiking trail running around Lake Kavadi that starts and ends in Uue-Saluse Park, where you can put up your tent or take a swim.

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  • Vladimir A Vladimir A
    хорошая прогулка по тропе вокруг озера

    вокруг озера можно совершить хорошую прогулку, расстояние около 3 километров. Посмотреть на озеро, лес, поля и даже увидеть небольшое болото. Познавательно для детей, расслабляюще для взрослых. На...

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