Source: Vaskna turismitalu

Lake Vaskna in Haanja

The beauty and magic of Lake Vaskna can be enjoyed in any season. The common cranes that arrive in the spring can be observed through to autumn. The lake covers an area of 4 ha, is 9.5 metres at its deepest point and is 244 m above sea level, which qualifies it as a local "mountain lake". There are up to 10 species of fish in Lake Vaskna: perch, pike, bream, tench, etc.

According to legend, the location of the Swedish gold from the time of the Great Northern War that is buried on Vaskna Island is marked by a rock with a symbol. 

In summer, you can take a boat tour from Vaskna Tourist Farm, go fishing and camp on the shore of the lake. In winter there is an "ice carrousel" and ice rink on the lake, as well as a barrel sauna and a hole in the ice. 

Features and amenities
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