Source: Veljo Laugamõts

Lake Verijärv landscape protection area

Established in 1962, Lake Verijärv landscape protection area is located in Võru municipality. It was created to protect the lake and the steep-sided ancient valley in which it is situated.

The lake covers 29 hectares and its deepest point measures 19.4 metres. There are many springs on the bed of the lake and along its shores, while there is little vegetation. The valley, including the lake, is around 40 metres deep. At the southern end of the lake is Erastsaare Hill (whose peak is 115 metres high), while its northern and north-western shores are home to pine trees as old as 120-140 years. The north and north-eastern shores are also home to a protected species ‒ the pasqueflower or prairie crocus.

Did you know...? The landscape protection area has a nature studies trail measuring 1 km.

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