LINNUKAUPLEJA (Carl Zelleri operett)

Operetta by Carl Zeller
Libretto by Moritz West and Ludwig Held
World premiere on 10 January, 1891 in Theater an der Wien
Premiere at the Estonian National 26 May, 2017

Conductor: Lauri Sirp, Kaspar Mänd, Vello Pähn
Stage Director: Marko Matvere

Carl Zeller’s most popular operetta, “The Bird Seller” (Der Vogelhändler) is a bucolic comedy set in the 18th-century Bavaria. It humorously mocks the time’s court, its petty intrigues and village romance.

A handsome bird seller Adam from Tyrol is in love with the village postmistress Christel. For cross-purposes they get involved in the romantic intrigues at the Court of the reigning Prince. The events are further complicated up by a young and beautiful Countess, who dressed up as a village girl follows the Count on his hunting trip; an elderly lady in waiting Adelaide who is still looking for romance; the master of the hunt and a crafty collector of bribes, Weps; and his nephew, Count Stanislaus who is always in debt.

Carl Zeller, the author of “The Bird Seller”, written in the end of the Golden Age of Viennese operetta, was a solicitor by profession. His legacy as a composer includes a number of operettas and an opera, none of which repeated the success of “The Bird Seller” or “The Mine Foreman” (1894, Der Obersteiger). Zeller’s music is melodious, liltingly-operatic and easy. “The Bird Seller” was first performed at the Estonian National Opera in 1911 and the last time during the season of 1955/56.

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Kesklinna linnaosa, Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn

LINNUKAUPLEJA (Carl Zelleri operett). Esietendus!

26.05.2017, 19:00 - 23:59

LINNUKAUPLEJA (Carl Zelleri operett)

28.05.2017, 17:00 - 23:59

30.05.2017, 19:00 - 23:59

15.06.2017, 19:00 - 23:59

18.06.2017, 17:00 - 23:59

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