Lõmala Harbour

The Lõmala Harbour ( 58º 10,4´ and 22º 7,15´), on the western coast of Saaremaa in Salme rural municipality in Lõmala village by Möldri Bay, has room for only 27 vessels. The harbour mainly offers services for visiting vessels.

• We offer waste and garbage disposal facilities;
• The pier has electricity and potable water;
• Tour buses have parking facilities;
• Toilets (including for disabled visitors);
• Washing facilities (shower and sauna), including for disabled visitors;
• Free Wifi;
• Barbecue area with seating places;
• Round-the-clock electronic surveillance;
• A play area for children;
• The depth of the fairway and berths is 2.5 m.

State Port Register

Features and amenities
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