Lonely Planet Magazine describes Dagen Haus as an “oasis of peace”. In addition to the interior of the guesthouse, the magazine also praises Hiiumaa Island’s peacefulness and the beautiful coastline. Dagen Haus’s owner Omar Jõpiselg has said in the magazine that the guesthouse is a favorite stop for Southern Europeans, but also for European bird hunters during the hunting season.

Dagen Haus is a five-bedroom guesthouse in Orjaku on Hiiumaa Island. The guesthouse operates in an old warehouse, originally built in 1840 and renovated in 2006. Dagen Haus is located on the shore and its small size (up to ten guests at once) makes it a pleasant and quiet resort.

Room prices at Dagen Haus during the winter period begin from €44. Additional information about Dagen Haus can be found at http://www.dagen.ee/index_en.php.